Kim Kardashian Wears Swimsuit To Travel In Airplane

Kim Kardashian was seen wearing a swimsuit type outfit when she arrived to the LAX airport recently. She had on what looked like a one piece black bathing suit and a black wrap around bathing suit cover. Kardashian walked around the airport in her odd flight attire and then proceeded to the vehicle that was waiting for her. Make sure you read about Gwen Stefani Wears See Through Black Pants. What in the world are these celebrities thinking.

Vanessa Hudgens Outfit Is A Complete Mess

Vanessa Hudgens decides that it was time for her to bring her horrible wardrobe to the second level as she stepped out in a disgusting waist high animal print short with a front exposed zip. The shorts pretty much looked like a giant diaper on the chick. Sometimes celebrities follow these out of control fashion trends that just don’t look good.

(Image via Flynet)