Vanessa Hudgens Outfit Is A Complete Mess

Vanessa Hudgens decides that it was time for her to bring her horrible wardrobe to the second level as she stepped out in a disgusting waist high animal print short with a front exposed zip. The shorts pretty much looked like a giant diaper on the chick. Sometimes celebrities follow these out of control fashion trends that just don’t look good.

(Image via Flynet)

2012 Outrageous Famous Couples

Failed Celeb Couples

Famous people routinely switch husbands and wives as much as they change their underwear. Very little have a few years good before calling it a day, while a few are a totally disaster directly from the beginning. Companionship should be taken truly serious, but for some reason a lot of stars don’t or they get into these weird relationships that is clearly no good from the get go. Below are the The Weird Celeb Couples Ever:

1. Eminem and Kim Mathers

2. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

3. Sammie and Ronnie (Jersey Shore)

4. Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

5. LaToya Jackson and Jack Gordon

This Top 5 list of star partnerships have done one or the other such as slept around with multiple people, abused and countless of other things to each other. These are the most unhealthy relationships the world of famous people has been exposed to and I can ensure you there are a lot more crazy companions to come our way. We should hope in the near future famous will pick their boyfriends and girlfriends more sensibly.

Sexy Famous Male

Dude actors and models are constantly expected to be fit and look definitely sexy.  The more handsome they are more woman fans they will get and anyone knows that chick supporters will spend money and do anything for them. These celebs are always in the lime light and have their careers and a lot more spoken about. These men have to make sure that their charm is consistently on top and to maintain their chick fans smiling. Besides from looking good these artists and actors are very gifted and pleased with their work. Below is a mini list of Top 5 Sexiest Male Celebrities Today:

1. Bryan Greenberg

2. Chris Brown

3. Emile Hirsch

4. Shane West

5. Liam Hemsworth

As always there are lots of other dude actors and models that could have been on this top 5 list, but for now these are our most loved stars. They are totally good looking to glimpse at and several ladies like their TV shows or song tracks. Do not let it slip your mind to keep checking back for more cool artist and actor material!